Souriau MQuick rectangular connectors for aeronautics are now EN4165 certified


Eaton's compact, lightweight and modular Souriau MQuick range of rectangular push-pull connectors, built to comply with aeronautic standards EN4165 and BACC65, is now certified to the European standard EN4165. For the manufacturer of interconnect solutions, widely recognised in the aeronautics industry for their excellent operating characteristics, this certification further enlarges the scope of its products, designed to meet the requirements of the main European aircraft manufacturers and cabin equipment suppliers.

By obtaining EN4165 certification for its Souriau MQuick range, Eaton responds to demand from airlines as they continuously improve their passengers´ air travel experience, notably through in-flight entertainment and seats with an increasing number of integrated functions. The Souriau MQuick range of rectangular connectors support these requirements in terms of ease of installation, reliability, light weight and compactness while benefiting from Eaton's excellence in terms of quality and logistics.


A modular solution

Souriau MQuick series, which includes a complete selection of components, modules for crimp or pin contacts, housings, fittings and accessories, stands out in the aeronautics market by its modularity. Its design allows a wide range of standard or customized interconnection solutions to be created since the components can be ordered separately depending on the type of signal in the application, power or broadband, and then assembled on the equipment production line. Each component has its own part number and is certified.


Cost-effective design and performance

Thanks to its push-pull system, the Souriau MQuick range meets the market demand for quick and simple mating, both when installing the connectors and during maintenance, with a life expectancy of more than 500 mating cycles. Made of lightweight composite material and protected by a metal layer, the connectors offer both high performance and weight savings. Solutions for direct connection to printed circuit boards are also available, saving money by eliminating costly internal connections.

Eaton is working on broadening the product range. Currently the range offers nine insert arrangements. New arrangements for high-speed solutions or offering a higher contact density are under development. In addition, Eaton allows customers to benefit from its capacity of innovation through numerous development projects for custom solutions based on the EN4165 standard.


Environmentally friendly materials

In response to stricter environmental specifications from customers, as well as the REACH regulations and RoHS directives, Eaton has been working for several years on alternative solutions, to avoid the use of potentially harmful substances, and has been developing new surface treatment methods compatible with the regulations. The Souriau MQuick range complies with them.