8STA Series - Miniature Connectors for Motorsports

8STA Series

Lightweight miniature connector

  • Micro miniature connectors
  • Quick coupling - 11/4 turn to mate
  • Self-locking coupling mechanism
  • Visual mating indication
  • Colour coding for key orientation
  • Integrated backshell
  • Receptacle with special oval flange to save space
  • Contact protection

Key features and benefits

8STA - The Motorsport Connector

The 8STA series is a highly reliable micro miniature connector series with a quick mating system dedicated to motorsport applications including Formula 1, Rallye cars and Moto GP.

Motorsports is a market where more and more electronics are installed onboard and where space and weight constraints become increasingly critical. The 8STA and 8TA Series are miniature circular connectors that are designed to be smaller and lighter with high reliability features to ensure the driver's safety and correct operation of the vehicle. These two series, especially the 8STA, are the preferred motorsport connectors, and are used across the world of competitive motorsport – both on motorcycles and cars, primarily for sensors and electric systems.

8STA and 8TA circular connectors are derived from international military specifications MIL-DTL-38999 and JN1003, and are therefore naturally designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration in harsh environments.

Our experts bring their ideas in a multitude of specific products which results in more than 100 derived versions fulfilling each interconnect need of the motorsport industry. Due to the constant innovative needs from the motorsport market, our company is dedicated to produce derived products on demand.

As the product reliability is not the only key point to our customers, we provide an efficient worldwide distributor network with high levels of finished connector stock, allowing them the fastest way to get their goods on time.

Examples of application field

8STA and 8TA Series are compact circular connectors and are used across the world of motorsport – both on 2 wheels and 4 wheels.