90 Series

Accessory Hardware

  • Two clamping solutions
  • Shielding wire bundle accessories
  • MIL-Spec qualified products
  • Several sizes
  • High retention clamping band
  • Corrosion resistant

Key features and benefits


The 90 series contains all the accessory hardware products including clamping bands, constant force spring, tubular braid, shield support ring and other clamps.

Two clamping solutions are available: clamping band (must have for quick termination) and constant force spring (no tool required) depending on your application. Our SUNBANK clamping bands are M85049/128 qualified. Clamping bands and constant force spring are made of stainless steel. It guarantees protection against corrosion and ensures good conductivity of the assembly.

Braid is ready to order in 1 foot increment. Our braid material is compliant with QQ-B-575B and ASTM B33. Composite shield support rings also proposed for splicing of shielded cables. Our shield support rings are M85049/93 qualified.

Accessories hardware is offered in several sizes. Bands can be ordered with 2 widths: regular and mini band. 4 diameter sizes are proposed for the constant force spring, 13 sizes for the composite shield support ring.

Technical Data

  • Materials:
    • Clamping bands: Stainless steel
    • Constant force spring. Stainless steel
    • Shield support ring: Composite


  • Temperature range:
    • Clamping bands: -65 to +200 °C
    • Constant force spring. -65 to +200 °C
    • Shield support ring: -65 to +175 °C


  • Dimensions
    • Clamping bands: 6.2 X 355.6mm or 3.0 X 241.3mm
    • Braid: Diameter from 0.8 to 34.9mm
    • Shield support ring: Diameter from 6.4 to 44.5mm

Assembly intructions


Build a Backshell

Examples of application field

The 90 series contains all the accessory hardware products ideally suited to withstand applications with for harsh environmental conditions.